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It's great to meet you! I am Owner and Clinical Director of Empower and Thrive Behavioral Services, LLC.   I provide direct therapy to children and adolescents using a solution focused, motivation driven approach rooted in the foundational  learning principles of behavior analysis and sensitive to the progression of child development.

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My Story

Helping others discover their potential is my passion. I love to see eyes light up and the face of accomplishment when an individual learns something new through their own exploration and discovery. I love learning new things and sharing that with the people I serve.  


I have a variety of interests including learning about history, gardening, home improvement projects, hiking, camping, playing games with my family, and cooking. But my passion is helping children and families.


I have spent most of my life engaging with children, first through my mom’s daycare, then babysitting, then as a preschool teacher, and finally as a therapist for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Childhood is full of so many discoveries. Whether it’s how to get the grown-ups around you to smile with a silly face or ridiculous joke, how to tie your shoes, what baby lady bugs look like, or how to ride a bike, there is great excitement and accomplishment in each new discovery. My best moments as a teacher and therapist have been witnessing the magical moments of an individual learning something new.


My education in child development, special education, and applied behavior analysis have given me a large inventory of tools to help families. As a student earning my bachelor’s degree I completed an internship with an occupational therapist and that really opened my eyes to the benefits of collaboration. I have enjoyed working closely with speech and language therapists, and continue to work with teachers every opportunity I can. I believe learning is different for every individual and it is our job as therapists, caregivers, and teachers to adapt to the unique needs of each child, work together, and respect one another.  Each person brings beneficial and necessary tools to the table when working toward the common goal of helping a child discover how to navigate the world around them.


I look forward to meeting your family and discovering how to best serve you.


Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

     o   Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) - Oregon

Master of Science in Education

     o   Southern Oregon ​University

Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

     o   Oregon Institute of Technology​


Bachelors of Arts in Child Development

     o   California State University, Chico


I am currently accepting new clients and look forward to meeting you.

(971) 917-7881

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